I’m very excited to share with you a new addition to art in hair (it’s not a baby!)…

iNOA is an amazing new hair colour line everyone will want. Until now colour has been developed the same way: First there was classic hair colour… classic ammonia and oxidant technology, now iNOA has been discovered after years of research.

The L’oreal Professional hair colour of the future: 100 years after the invention of modern hair colour, L’oreal creates hair colour of the future, leaving hair softer, shiny and silky.

Recently, L’oreal  Professional debuted, iNOA, named for INNOVATION NO AMMONIA, an ammonia-free professional hair colourant. Described by the brand as “REVOLUTIONARY”, (and therefore free from the ammonia-induced effects like a burning, itchy scalp) but also lifts colour up to three shades, covers grey, and has true-to-tone results. By replacing ammonia with monoethanolamine, which typically has failed to cover grey or lighten hair as much as traditional ammonia-laden products, by adding an oil-based gel and a cream developer, iONA’s creators have finally, after years of research, developed a formula that delivers optimum results sans ammonia.

Breakthrough Technology: ODS (oil delivery system). Oil maximises the efficiency of the hair coloration system by maintaining true colour from the moment you would wash the colour off at the basin.

Why choose iNOA hair colour? 


–odourless, ammonia free

– optimized scalp comfort

– pre-dosed mini-tubes of colourant

– rapid, self-emulsifying mixture


-hair smoothness is maintained for a softer feel
-iNOA invents a new era of permanent hair colour respecting the hair’s natural essential amino acids and lipid balance


–predictable shades: true neutralizing cool shades, vibrant and luminous warm shades
-lightens up to 3 levels
-exceptionally even coverage from root to tip
-perfect coverage of white hair

Today iNOA is making a debut and is available at art in hair… come and experience optimized scalp comfort and respect for your hair (helps maintain the hair’s natural level of lipids). No more odour and no more ammonia is amazing, with unlimited colour creativity with one of our stylists we’ll be happy to help you achieve the colour of your dreams!

Hope to see you soon!