Our Professionals

Amy Beaulieu

Owner of art in hair   |   Great Lengths artist   |   National Educator

Award winning hair & beauty professional, Amy Beaulieu, is a dedicated stylist, extension artist, and salon owner. Originally from Quebec, she made her way to Toronto to focus on hair shows and begin her profession in teaching.  With 24 years of experience and a profile of extraordinary practices, Amy has prevailed in gaining a loyal clientele.

Amy is one of North Americas most sought after extension experts and a Master Colourist, using L’Oréal Professional products.  Amy’s expertise in 100% human hair extensions, technical & creative cutting has led her to work with the movie scene in Toronto and has evolved over time helping and recreating custom extension installations to rebuild what has been lost on some of the most amazing People. Both men and women who are thinning, growing hair back from surgery, chemo, camouflage scaring, reciding hairline or more simply a bad haircut, your wish is my command!!! 🌠
Amy’s vision and passion fuel her devotion to be the best role model, to her most rewarding accomplishment – her daughter.

Amy’s dedication to continued growth and challenge drove her ambition, and viola, art in hair was born!

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Gayle Matthews

Salon Coordinator   |   Make-up artist

The moment I met with Amy there was an instant connection, followed by the art in hair family… I realized this was the salon I had been searching for since 1995. Being a certified makeup artist and salon coordinator I love working along side so many talented artists and being Amy’s right hand, helping her run this amazing business has taught me so much… I am definitely here to stay!  As Salon Coordinator I love being the first smiling face our guests see and the last, it’s a great feeling seeing all of our guests leave our salon so happy, beautiful and confident!

It is and always will be my pleasure to greet, meet and build a long lasting relationship with you… xo

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Corey Scott

Stylist   |   Great Lengths Artist   |   Yuko Specialist

Calling out to all of you ‘blondes’ or want to be blondes, Corey is your guy! A master colourist with 23 years industry experience, Corey takes any hair colour from drab to fab! Corey is an artist, taking his inspiration from everything he sees around him from the latest fashion magazines to the trends that are found on the streets, runway and adapting them to his client’s lifestyle. Corey also owned his own salon for 5 years, proving that he knows what it takes to be a dedicated professional. His eye for precision cutting and his artistic vision allow Corey to help clients create a style that caters to their individual personalities. Corey is committed to building his client relationships through communication, long and short term goals to give you the best look.

Corey is a leading stylist here in Canada, specializing in hair straightening and smoothing systems. Travelling to Beverly Hills California, Corey attended the Yuko Academy to learn their signature thermal straightening treatment. Being a lead Canadian Educator and maintaining great knowledge in the best methods of hair straightening, Corey maintains a following like no other!

Corey invites you to come sit in his chair for a true salon experience.

Avril Gomesz

Stylist   |   Great Lengths Artist   |   Make up artist

Born in Sri Lanka, Avril knew from the age of 16 that she had a creative flair and a passion for the hair and make-up industry. She started to hone in on her abilities and began her training, Avril took part in the Asian hair styling and make-up competitions for experience and briefly lived in Australia where she had a successful start of her career. When she moved to Canada, she began working in the heart of Toronto where she trained with nothing but the top brands in colour and colouring techniques. Avril is talented in colour, foil-hi-lights and cutting techniques and is not afraid to show off her edgy and natural side. Avril is the ultimate “all-round” hairstylist and has a stellar reputation for up-do’s for any occasion and became known as the “up-do queen”. In Toronto, she flourished as one of the top hairstylists around and eventually made her way to Burlington. Her goal is to make you feel comfortable with her warm personality and feel great when you walk out of our salon.


Stylist   |   Chemical Straightening Expert   |   Extension Specialist   |   Upstyles

A seasoned stylist and master in his craft, known for being a top stylist and having many clients with standing appointments weekly for him to create one of his many blowout styles. Always willing to help not only those who walk through our door but his team members, one would think that he was a part of our team from the beginning. 17 years training with Toni & Guy in London England, trained and worked in Dubai as a Great Lengths specialist learning the teachniques and installation of Great Lengths 100% Human Hair Extensions, Chemical straightening expert who worked in Syria and Jordan before coming to Canada creating some of the most elaborate upstyles with the most amazing finishing touches making Jero one of the most sought after stylists with clients flying in for his expertise!

Don’t be fooled by his quiet demeanor, sometimes a true artist is caught in his own head with concentration, but the more you get to know him he’ll open up and you’ll end up being a client for life… We invite you to sit in his chair.


Eyelash Extension Artist  |   Makeup Artist  |   Permanent Makeup Artist

Petite and Poised with style like no other, art in hair has been so pleased to add such a great talent to Our Salon. Jessy is a beautiful Armenian makeup artist who has brought two amazing services such as Misencil Eyelash Extensions and Permanent Makeup to compliment what our amazing stylist do everyday.
Jessy’s artistic eye will guide you in choosing your desired length and fullness. Misencil  eyelash extensions offers a wide variety of lashes and application types based on the shape of the face and desired effect in addition to a full range of cosmetic products formulated specifically for Lashes and eye area that Jessy can suggest and believes in wholeheartedly.
An artist at heart with 10 years of creating, Jessy can create the most beautiful permanent makeup. With her expertise, fine touch and attention to detail you’ll trust the finished product… Recreating eyebrows, maintaining definition in your lips, enhancing eyelashes and eyeliner to your desired look, the process begins with an experienced and talented artists such as Jessy.
Lover of Tobey who is our cuddly sweet salon dog.


Salon Coordinator  |   Assistant

Walking in with a smile on her face and leaving at the end of the day with the same, this bubbly, amazing, selfless young woman keeps not only our amazing clients/friends organized and happy and taken care of but our stylists as well. A conversationalist at heart asking many questions trying to get to know every individual walking through our door she’ll make sure that you’re as happy as she is… An open book, sometimes sharing too much you’ll get to know Victoria immediately.  Every single day putting all of her energy into our Salon making it an inclusive efficient team does not go unnoticed!!!
Victoria is someone who takes everything to heart and puts a hundred percent plus into her job well done!!!